Dental tourism
Russia, Stavropol Territory, Kislovodsk, ul. Novaiy 7

Each year, thousands of patients move abroad to get dental treatments they need. It is what we commonly call "dental holidays". They look for a high quality treatment, saving of time as well as an economy of money. Our private hospital meets your needs! Indeed, the private hospital " Impladent " offers a wide range of stomatology care, practiced by our highly qualified professionals. Our advanced manufactured prostheses as well as our technique of dental Implantology meet the European quality criterias. For your convenience, the care are operated as soon as possible and allow a fast rehabilitation. All patients undergoing an operation can reserve a VIP room and ask for specialized food. Moreover, we are offering cosmetic and anti-ageing care. We are also working in close collaboration with sanatoriums "Solnechnyi" and "Mchs", what allow us to propose to our patients additional medical care at very attractive prices. We would like to welcome you to our website, where you may find all the information about our clinic. We also are on ! Hope to see you very soon!
Kislovodsk - is not only known for the medical center of the world, but also a beautiful tourist town. The main attractions which this natural monuments mirror pond, rocks red and gray stones, Red Sun, Blue rocks and the monuments created by human hands -Temple of air "and others. Many peoples have come to Kislovodsk, to improve their health. Rest here, it is very interesting and especially useful! Vacation in Kislovodsk will decorate visiting of Gallery of mineral water, buildings and major mineral water baths. All the monuments of the city impress by its originality. A walk through the beautiful green city park will give your rest in Kislovodsk shade of romanticism.

Our advantages
  • convenient location, 7 minutes from Central Park;
  • prices for various dental services are several times lower;
  • courteous staff;
  • possibility to combine treatment and excursions in the North Caucasus.

Short price
  • Consultation and treatment plan --- 20 €
  • Implants - 400 --- 700 €
  • Crowns, veneers - (emax, zirconia, vita enamic, empress cad multi, cerec blocks) -150 --- 250 €
  • Full 3d diagnostics --- 50 €
  • Full 3d diagnostics --- 50 €
  • Tooth treatment - 30 --- 100 €